Taking Up Running Again

After a break of a few years from one of my old favorite activities, I finally decided to start up again.  I only lasted about fifteen minutes today, but that is a good start.  Hopefully in a week I will be able to  make it through a full run.  The next step after that will be to make the transition from treadmill to the great outdoors.  I should be in good enough condition to handle that in plenty of time to fully enjoy running outdoors in the beautiful fall season.  My new kicks make this so much more fun too!

Growing Green Onions From Scraps

Since I already had success growing a pineapple plant from the scraps, it didn’t take an abnormally large leap of faith to think this might work with other leftovers.  I first decided to try this on the ends of some organic green onions.  These are by far one of my favorites, but so expensive!  Not any more… they started to grow within a day once I put them in water!  After a week or so they had large enough roots to transfer to a pot.  They are now growing steadily and we can give a haircut to the plant as needed for an endless (and free) supply of fresh green onions throughout the year.

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