Harvest Time

Harvest Time - Apple Orchard
Apple picking is an annual harvest tradition in our family. This year we also stopped at a quaint vegetable market afterward as well and picked up a huge amount of produce to enjoy and can. This was the first year I have been to an orchard with trellised trees as well, so that was an interesting thing to finally see in person. In the photo above you can see some of the more mature rows. They aren’t nearly as “flat” as I had imagined they would be, but the rows are closer together and the trees are not spaced as far apart as in a traditional orchard. Most enlightening!

Harvesting Echinacea Seeds

harvesting echinacea seeds Echinacea Flower Heads With Seeds From Our Garden

The Echinacea plant we added to the garden has tripled in size and exploded with blooms this season. It was absolutely beautiful, and hopefully we will be able to make some Echinacea babies from its seeds. I removed all the old blooms today so I could bring them indoors to dry. Even in their fading state, they are still beautiful.

Growing Celery From Scraps

After our success growing green onions from scraps, we decided to try the same experiment with our celery leftovers. We put the ends right side up in glass dishes and filled them with water to about halfway up the stalk. Once the leaves had grown to about 4-5″ tall we planted them into a pot filled with potting soil mixed with peat.


Growing Celery From ScrapsHopefully they will continue to grow and we will be able to enjoy a continuous supply of celery through the coming winter.   It never ceases to amaze me how much can be grown from things we would have discarded.  Very empowering!