Off Grid Home Design 2

This is a nice introduction to how passive solar design used with a thermal mass can reduce cooling and heating costs in the home.  We will definitely be doing this to cut costs in our next home.

Our Earth Mother

A friend recently shared this video with me. I am not entirely sure where it originated, or who to give credit to, but it is one of the most beautiful, powerful and touching videos I have seen in quite some time. This is a message that deserves to be shared.

Caprese Style Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad

Goat Cheese Caprese SaladIngredients:
Organic Tomatoes
Organic Chevre
Organic Basil



Slice the tomatoes evenly and arrange on a platter. Mold the chevre into flat circular pieces and place on top of each tomato slice. If your chevre is too crumbly to cooperate, warming it slightly may make it more workable. Arrange basil leaves on the sides and/or between each tomato.

Off Grid Home Design 1

We have been thinking of the design for our next house and how we would like to be able to have things run there as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible.  This family has taken off-grid living to another level.  Their home is absolutely beautiful!  While I am not generally a fan of modern architecture, I love the way that they married the modern elements of the house with the barnwood and the traditional stone structure.  This is modernism done well.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  As an architect in my “other” life, I give them many compliments.  They also inspire me to get my act together so we can create our own country oasis sooner, rather than later.

Happy Gram 4

Presenting the now famous Mr. G and Jellybean! Proof that love and friendship extends to all species on this planet! [On this day my heart grew 3 sizes larger]

What To Do With Fragrance Discards?

All Natural Home FragrancesWe have been doing a great deal of fragrance testing for our upcoming natural perfumes, and as such had a bunch of duds and discards that didn’t quite make the cut.  I decided to put these in an oil burner instead of just tossing them.  With every scent known to the natural world burning all at once, it isn’t exactly the aroma I would choose, but it isn’t as horrible as I would have thought either.  Smells a bit like church incense, probably due to the frankincense.  This does get me thinking though, that we should add a line of home fragrance products to our product family!

Spiked Strawberry Sorbet

Spiked Strawberry SorbetIngredients:
4 cups organic frozen strawberries
1/4 cup fresh organic lime juice
2 shots tequila




As the weather gets warmer, we find ourselves gravitating more and more to lighter meals, fruits and frozen treats. This frozen beauty is made of frozen strawberries and fresh lime juice. The addition of tequila is entirely optional. Place the frozen strawberries into your blender along with the tequila and lime juice. Blend until the berries are completely smooth. You can add additional water if more liquid is needed to blend properly, but the ultimate goal is for a sorbet texture once complete. This can be placed back into the freezer to firm up if necessary.  I served ours in ball jars, but this could easily be scooped into a dish as well.

Happy Gram 3

As our third happy gram, we present to you a freedom loving horse! If we were in horse-form, this is most likely what would happen. Enjoy!

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