Watering Plants With Ollas

Using ollas looks like a promising idea for saving water in the garden. I also like the idea that these would allow you to water less frequently (saving time) and weeding much less (also saving time). At this point in life, anything that saves time and money is a definite plus in my book!

I would use a real olla though, since I don’t like the idea of the silicone in my soil. Either that, or I will need to come up with a more natural alternative to it.

Happy Gram 8

As our eighth happy gram, we give you a fawn being reunited with her mother after a kind person freed her from a fence. 🙂

Overwintered Bell Peppers

Overwintered Bell PeppersI wasn’t sure how our experiment with overwintering bell peppers would end, especially toward the end of spring when the pepper plants looked very unhappy. Once the risk for frost was over, we transferred the living plants to new pots and hoped for the best. A few months later and we have peppers! This experiment was a success!

Organic Gardening Tips 2

I have total garden envy after watching this. This is similar to the garden I would like to plant once we move to a place with more land. I like this video because they share all of their mistakes so we have a chance to avoid repeating them. It also demonstrates how knowing how to preserve food efficiently will be important with a larger garden.

Organic Gardening Tips

This video had great tips for organic gardening. You may need to turn the volume up a bit, but I thought this video was great start for beginners (like me). The tip about planting seeds in larger containers if possible was an important one. I think that is what went wrong with our seedlings this year. Next year I plan to re-use the containers that came with our replacement plants from Organic Harvest.

Happy Gram 7

As our seventh happy gram, we present to you howling puppies. Caution: your heart may explode from the cuteness. 🙂

Death of a Scoby

Our kombucha scoby that we have loved and cared for so lovingly fell victim this week to a fruit fly infestation. [moment of silence please for our scoby] I noticed fruit flies in our kitchen a few days ago and couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. We seriously searched everywhere for the source since we keep a very clean kitchen… we figured a piece of fruit must have fallen under the island, under the sofa or somewhere we didn’t see. We couldn’t find the source no matter where we looked. Of course it was right there in front of us, but I didn’t notice the creepy crawlies in the kombucha until I went to add more tea this afternoon. I guess in the summer we will need an additional cover on the jar. I hate flies.

May you rest in peace our dear Scoby.

Water Damage Update

Water Damage UpdateWater Damage Update







We decided that since insurance was not going to cover the water damage that occurred out at the other house we should add two bedrooms to help offset the cost. Those are in now, and most of the drywall is done (mostly by us since the contractor disappeared halfway through). The hardwood is in as well. We still have the trimwork, painting, and kitchen to install along with the carpeting. Despite having to fire our first contractor, we are almost there!

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