How To Make Natural Hand Soap

hand soap recipeMaking your own foaming hand soap for use by the bathroom sink is actually quite easy… ridiculously easy actually. All you need is liquid castile soap, water and a foaming pump. You can make your own liquid castile by soaking a small amount of grated castile soap in hot water (this is our preferred method since the ingredients for this soap would be just soap and water plus any essential oils you add for fragrance. It is also considerably less expensive than using premade liquid castile, just remember to use within a week or so depending on the temperature in the house since there are no preservatives in this mix). Continue to dilute the soap until you get a very thin, almost watery liquid. Tip: You can freeze the leftover castile to keep it fresh until you need it – just put into freezer bags portioned for each refill. You can do this with the coconut soap or olive coconut soap as well. This will also work as a body wash!

If you are short on time, a pre-made liquid soap like Dr. Bronners would be a quick alternative. Just fill the pump half with the liquid Castile and half with water, add any essential oils you wish to add for fragrance and you are good to go!

[We don’t make liquid soaps here at Liskabora because we don’t make anything that would require a preservative.]

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago – Summer 2015

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago Pop UpWe had a great time at The Renegade Craft Fair’s Chicago Pop Up this weekend and we can’t wait until their next fair this September!  Kudos to the Renegade team for a very well run show.  🙂

Until then, have a happy summer y’all!



Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer!

Summer is officially here tomorrow!  Just a quick public service announcement to keep your pets safe this summer.  🙂
keep your pets safe in hot weather

Thank you to the folks at the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation and for this helpful graphic!

Ikea Nils Hack

While I love the price of the Nils ottoman, their look can be a bit low end. An easy fix is to buy a piece of faux Mongolian fur and with just four easy stitches you have a custom slipcover. Voila!
Ikea Nils Hack

Happy Gram 44

Our princess had another stroke this weekend. She is recovering nicely, but a reminder of just how precious our time with them truly is. Give your furbabies a hug today, and every day of course!

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe!

It’s summer and surfaces are starting to get hot.  Please take care to prevent your furbaby’s precious paws from being burnt.  Kudos goes to the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation and and for creating this helpful graphic.

dog care

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