Mom Jeans

mom jeans suck

I’m seriously curious about what was going through the mind of the person who thought that resurrecting this fashion nightmare from the 80’s was a good idea. Have they forgotten how embarrassing this was the first time we all went through this?

Nobody looks good in these. I would rather fashion myself something
avant-garde from a few shiny black trash bags than leave the house in a pair of mj’s. I understand the thinking behind wanting to support/hide less than ideal areas, but these god awful things don’t even hide anything. They just make anything you think might be wrong with you look worse (and there is nothing wrong with you).

Plus, they aren’t even comfortable… while skinny jeans might slice you up the a$$ if you sit wrong, mom jeans can do that that while slicing you sideways across the abdomen at the same time. No thanks, if I want to look like I gave up, I’d just wear sweatpants and if I wanted to be sliced into pieces I’d marry a magician. Neither of those two things are happening.

Next, there is the issue of the flood status of these things. Really? Why? They make really cute rain boots for that! Just get pants that are the right length, or capris if you want to show a little skin without channeling Urkel.

Just give yourself a hug, have love for yourself, and don’t settle for less you deserve… in any area of life, but right now I’m talking about pants. So let’s just start with not wearing things that don’t bring out the best in you. You’re worth far too much to settle for mom jeans!

Navy Kitchens

We are starting to toss around ideas for our future kitchen remodel. I am a huge fan of dark cabinets and loved the black cabinets we did in our last house. I’m not sure that I want to do that again though, since I’ve done it before… and that was a decade ago before it was popular and it’s everywhere now.

Navy seems to be popular right now also, which is kind of cool. Not sure how long this trend will last, but it does look fabulous. We will see where things are headed when we are ready to start the project. I want to make sure I choose something that will last and look current for years to come.

Here are my mood board images for the navy kitchen option, enjoy!

Woodland Entertaining Mood Board

In theory, we could do this in the woods at our new home.

When we first moved here, I planned to create outdoor living areas throughout the property to use for different gatherings. That was, until I was hit with the “reality vs. expectation” of spending time outdoors.

The expectation was a beautiful, earthy, moody, woodland gathering vignette to be shared with friends enjoying wine and trendy naked cakes. The reality? Tick bites, swarming mosquitoes, and the desire to throw anything used or worn outdoors into a raging fire, to avoid bringing those pests indoors.

Maybe someday in the future, once we have figured out how to deal with those pests, we can do what I had envisioned. Perhaps that includes the purchase of thousands of quail, an army of bats, or a fire throwing drone (I’m kidding… maybe).


Until then, it remains a dream (more of a nightmare currently). Dreams can be shared though, so enjoy the mood board and if you have any realistic tick and mosquito elimination tricks, please let me know!

Bridge Mixed Media Pop Art In Blue Tones

I started playing with mixed media art again (finally), bringing together some of my bridge photography and abstract paintings. Here is the first pair in blue, grey, and black tones.

 San Francisco Bridge Mixed Media Pop Art In Blue
San Francisco Bridge Mixed Media Pop Art In Blue
Structural Bridge Mixed Media Pop Art In Blue
Structural Bridge Mixed Media Pop Art In Blue
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