Ikea Nils Hack

While I love the price of the Nils ottoman, their look can be a bit low end. An easy fix is to buy a piece of faux Mongolian fur and with just four easy stitches you have a custom slipcover. Voila!
Ikea Nils Hack

Desk to Vanity Transformation

Sharing some before and afters of our office to dressing room transformation.  The table is unchanged, just a quick decor swap.  I have been on a re-decorating binge this spring.  🙂

vanity decor ideasI love how our products look here!
IMG_8069Showcasing my Mardi Gras kicks. 🙂

Awkward Space Use

billy bookcase closet organizersWe have been spending a good portion of our free time this year redecorating and organizing our home.  We decided to make better use of an awkward sloped space as a dressing room and shoe closet.

The billy bookcases from Ikea fit perfectly under the eaves and I like that you can buy additional shelves to fit more shoes.  Not only did we gain storage behind the bookcases, but they make the space feel much more finished.  We are very happy with how this turned out!


Organization With Baskets

An organized home is a relaxing home… and a more beautiful home too. One of my favorite ways to keep things organized and clutter free is by using baskets. For a more serene look, I like to stick with the same basket design consistently within each space and line them up nicely on the shelves. These work wonderfully everywhere from kitchen cabinets to closets and bookcases.

The “Branas” baskets from Ikea are one of my favorites, and they are very affordable too!