Nutrition for Teeth

Taking a look at eating better again and came across this video.  While I don’t agree with skipping out on the dentist if you have a problem, I do like the idea of eating better to help keep your teeth healthy from the inside out.

Diet Water

In case you haven’t noticed by my lack of update posts about my diet, water intake etc… I have miserably regressed with my diet this year. Life and stress got the better of me. To kickstart a change toward healthier eating, I decided to try the “diet water” that I have seen floating around the internet. Because there are so many versions of this I’m not sure who to give credit to, but it isn’t my original idea (if only I was that clever). I’m sure this won’t be a miracle, but it does taste great and it is an awesome way to start the day.

diet water recipeIngredients:
1 organic cucumber
2 organic lemons
Filtered Water

I have seen versions of this with cayenne being used.  You can do this if you wish, but in my opinion, yuck!


We use a zero water filter, and place this in a glass pitcher. Assemble the ingredients at night and allow to sit in the refrigerator until morning. Drink the entire pitcher over the course of the next day.  This isn’t a fast, eat healthfully!  I have used the same cucumber/lemons for two nights in a row, then I switch to a new batch. I will post an update with results as soon as I have something to report 🙂

Natural Cleaning Products

Piece by piece our family has started to replace anything artificial with natural, home-made if possible, and safer alternatives.  Cleaning products are next on our list.  This is what I have compiled so far, feel free to add to this list in the comments section below.

Window Cleaners:
Whole Foods Window Cleaner

Floor Cleaners:
Method Wood Floor Cleaner
Steam Cleaner
Sal’s Suds
Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:
Bleach (in spray bottle)
Citric Acid

Dish Detergent:

Blood Type Diet

We just ordered some books on the blood type diet and although we haven’t had a chance to read though everything fully yet, from what we have read so far some of the guidelines make sense based on things our family members cannot eat. We will explore this further in the coming months and post our results (a modified version of course since it doesn’t match perfectly for a vegetarian diet).

Elimination Diet

This is a great explanation of how gluten can affect the body and how to do an elimination diet. Knowing how your body reacts to different foods can be very empowering, especially when it helps you regain your good health. Elimination diets have helped me discover other foods that I need to avoid in addition to just gluten. By keeping my diet clean I feel more in control of my health, comfort and well being. Of course, do not do anything like this without consulting your doctor first.

I have no plans on eating gluten in Europe however… it has taken far too long for my body to heal from all of the damage to risk eating it just to see what happens. Why would he suggest that? Why?!

Water Filter Bottle

Thermos Water FilterOne of the things I want to start doing with the New Year is to drink more water each day.  I thought about getting a filter for my desk at work, but my cousin surprised me with this awesome water bottle filter this Christmas.  I figured out that it takes about 2 cups per filling, so if I drink six full bottles each day I will be close to my goal.  I will post my results after a month.

Good luck with your New Years Resolutions everyone, and enjoy the rest of the holidays!



GMO Education and Resources

It is important to fully understand the potential consequences GMO products so we can best protect ourselves and our loved ones. I will continue to update these lists as I find additional information.

What Are GMO’s:

GMO Health Risks:


Shopping Guides:

Non-GMO Seeds:

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