4th of July Entertaining Ideas for 2019

With one of our favorite summer holidays coming up in less than one week, I have been ramping up my search for decor and menu ideas with a more refined feel than most typical summer barbecue offerings. This was a more difficult search than anticipated since most summer parties tend to be simple outdoor barbecue type affairs. Who knew!? I will keep developing this board of ideas as I find more ideas and add a few of our own as we begin to entertain more at our new house.

Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

With Memorial Day weekend just a week and a half away, our planning and excitement for the summer party season begins! Here are a few of the ideas we are considering for tasteful decor and menu offerings for Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July and other patriotic parties ahead!

Happy First Day of Spring!

With the spring season officially upon us we can finally start welcoming in the warm weather and the fun that it brings. Here is a mood board of springtime inspiration to get you started!

Extending the Christmas Season

I wish it was socially acceptable to keep Christmas decorations up until winter turns to spring. They add so much cheer and beauty to the darker months of the year! Perhaps we need to invent a new holiday that would extend the Christmas season to early March for the express purpose of keeping our decorations out longer.

My favorite images inspiring this year’s winter spirit – there can be so much beauty in this season!

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