Our Favorite Things

Sharing our favorite sources for all things organic and green! This list will be updated over time.       Organic Plants and Seeds: pantrygardenherbs.com www.horizonherbs.com www.groworganic.com www.theorganicharvest.com www.seedsnow.com www.highmowingseeds.com Whole Foods – surprisingly good prices for vegetable and herb plants! Herbs, Spices and Oils www.frontiercoop.com www.mountainroseherbs.com

Caprese Style Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad

Ingredients: Organic Tomatoes Organic Chevre Organic Basil     Slice the tomatoes evenly and arrange on a platter. Mold the chevre into flat circular pieces and place on top of each tomato slice. If your chevre is too crumbly to cooperate, warming it slightly may make it more workable. Arrange basil leaves on the sides…