Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer!

Summer is officially here tomorrow!  Just a quick public service announcement to keep your pets safe this summer.  🙂
keep your pets safe in hot weather

Thank you to the folks at the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation and for this helpful graphic!

Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe!

It’s summer and surfaces are starting to get hot.  Please take care to prevent your furbaby’s precious paws from being burnt.  Kudos goes to the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation and and for creating this helpful graphic.

dog care

How To Properly Greet A Dog

how to properly greet a dog
Please teach your children that some dogs need their space for one reason or another and to always ask for permission before placing their hands on a dog they don’t know. Thank you to for continuing to create such helpful graphics.

Happy Gram 3

As our third happy gram, we present to you a freedom loving horse! If we were in horse-form, this is most likely what would happen. Enjoy!

Beagle Freedom Project

***CUTENESS ALERT!*** This video from the Beagle Freedom Project shows the first moments of freedom for nine beagles released from a laboratory after a lifetime of being used as test subjects. I wish these babies the best of health, luck and love in their lives ahead. I hope that in their remaining years they can receive all the hugs, kisses, treats, and grassy playtime with their human and puppy friends that they missed while in the laboratory. I wish (I wish, I wish, I wish) that animal testing was prohibited worldwide. I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish. Until this is a reality, the best we can do is to verify all the products we use are not tested on animals and spread the word so others become aware and do the same.

To the folks at the Beagle Freedom Project: Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do, you truly do make the world a better place!