The results of the coffee hair dye experiment are in… and it receives a resounding “meh” where grey hair is concerned.  Perhaps it works well for those with light hair who want it slightly darker, but it didn’t work for me.

I started with very strong, almost mud-like coffee to which I added about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  I put these into a wilton pastry bottle for easier application and applied it throughout my hair.  I also added some coconut oil to the ends (why not, right?) and placed it up in a bun.  I put a shower-cap on and left it on my hair for about 2 hours before rinsing it out.  If you do try this, remember to wear an old black shirt – since you will end up wearing most of this mixture.

After rinsing out my hair, the greys are still visibly noticible.  Perhaps they are a slightly more “coffee” kind of grey now, but they are still standing boldly there like a bunch of white wizards on top of my head.  Off to do more research for the next “natural” hair dye experiment.   On the plus side, I now have a pot full of extra strong coffee to enjoy tonight so I am looking forward to a very productive evening!


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