In case you haven’t noticed by my lack of update posts about my diet, water intake etc… I have miserably regressed with my diet this year. Life and stress got the better of me. To kickstart a change toward healthier eating, I decided to try the “diet water” that I have seen floating around the internet. Because there are so many versions of this I’m not sure who to give credit to, but it isn’t my original idea (if only I was that clever). I’m sure this won’t be a miracle, but it does taste great and it is an awesome way to start the day.

diet water recipeIngredients:
1 organic cucumber
2 organic lemons
Filtered Water

I have seen versions of this with cayenne being used.  You can do this if you wish, but in my opinion, yuck!


We use a zero water filter, and place this in a glass pitcher. Assemble the ingredients at night and allow to sit in the refrigerator until morning. Drink the entire pitcher over the course of the next day.  This isn’t a fast, eat healthfully!  I have used the same cucumber/lemons for two nights in a row, then I switch to a new batch. I will post an update with results as soon as I have something to report 🙂

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