A quick update about when our most recent soap batches will be cured and ready to ship:

Unscented Soap Bars
Castile Soap: 10/5/12
Coconut Soap: 10/5/12
Plain Soap: 10/2/12
Pumpkin Soap: 10/2/12
Chamomile Soap: 10/2/12
Poppy Soap: 10/2/12
Rosemary Soap: 10/4/12
Oatmeal Soap: 10/2/12
Coffee Soap: 10/4/12
Green Tea Soap: 10/4/12
Sea Salt Soap: 10/5/12

Scented Soap Bars
Cupcake: 10/5/12
Love Potion: 10/4/12
Magick: 10/5/12

Seasonal Scented Soap Bars
Harvest Soap: 10/2/12
Yule Soap: 10/4/12

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