How to Make a Kombucha ScobyI have been trying to add more probiotics into my diet, but since eliminating dairy my old favorite kefir is no longer an option. Enter Kombucha. I was honestly afraid to try this drink in the first place after hearing horror stories of it being viscous and nasty. I tried it and that simply wasn’t the case. It was bubbly and refreshing instead.

Since I like to save money and drinking store bought kombucha every day can be quite expensive, I decided to make it myself.  Step one of this process is to make (or buy) a scoby.  This is the “film” where all of the good-for-you fermentation microbes live that ferment tea into your next batch of kombucha.  It is similar to the mother used to make vinegar.

It is quite easy to make your own.   All you need is a large bowl and 2 bottles of premade, raw, kombucha from the store.  I poured the first bottle into the bowl and let it sit on the counter for a week or so.  You could see the scoby starting to form on top of the liquid.  After about a week the liquid level started to drop and I added the second bottle.  The scoby should be about ready now to begin our first batch of kombucha, but it is living in the fridge at the moment until I decide on a recipe.

Tip:  if you have a friend who also makes kombucha, they might be able to give you a piece of scoby to get you started.

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