Jack LaLanne JuicerToday was the first day using the new Jack LaLanne juicer I received for Christmas (yes, my family is awesome).  It wasn’t too difficult to use or clean and it is very easy to put back together.  There are just a few minor things to note:

1.  Make sure to push down on the spout to open it before you start juicing, or your juicer will overflow.  That was a fun surprise!  Also make sure to keep the opening clear when juicing things like blueberries so it doesn’t clog and overflow.

2.  Be careful when cleaning the blade and strainer basket- they are very sharp.  The brush included with the machine does make these easy to clean though.

3.  Clean everything immediately after juicing, or the dried pulp will be much more difficult to remove.

That is about it!  Overall this machine was much easier to use, clean, and reassemble than I expected it to be.  The juice was smooth and very delicious.  Highly recommended!

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