Juicing for the work weekAs part of my New Years Resolution, I have decided to add juiced fruits and veggies into my diet.  I realize that my decision to use a mix of frozen organic vegetables in place of all fresh vegetables might not be an optimum choice for everyone, but I personally prefer to use the frozen organics over fresh non-organics.  I also blanched the kale.  I cook any cruciferous or green leafy vegetables, because these contain goitrogens that are not great for the thyroid.  Cooking helps eliminate most of these compounds.  You can still juice cooked vegetables, just put them in the juicer with a few stalks of raw celery.

Juicing ahead for the work weekAlso, although the juicer is easy to use, I know that adding anything extra to my morning routine realistically just isn’t going to happen.  If I want to have juice to drink on my workweek mornings, they are going to need to be pre-made.  I decided that since I was already juicing this weekend, I had all of my fresh veggies cleaned and ready to go and the juicer was already full of pulp I may as well just keep juicing.

I put the juice into small freezable containers (add a little space for the juice to grow as it freezes) and into the freezer they went.  I will just transfer one to the refrigerator each night to thaw for the next morning.  Done!

Once again, this might not be the “ideal” juicing practice to some.  For me though, frozen vegetable juice is better than no juice at all.  I saved all of the pulp from this batch of juice as well, and plan to use that to make a great pureed vegetable soup.

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