Growing Vegetables From SeedI planted the seedlings for this summer’s garden just over a week ago and the little seedlings are just beginning to emerge.  First to appear was our monster squash seedling (the long horizontal guy stretching across the tray) and our pea and pumpkin seeds.  We also have a few carrots, a tomato, a bunch of peppers,  and some cabbage seedlings emerging.

I very much like the practice of growing our vegetable plants from seed instead of buying them from a nursery.  This not only gives me complete control over how they are grown, but it also is a huge cost savings over the store bought plants.  We purchased this year’s seeds from – mostly using the .99 cent packs they have, so in all we have spent about 10 – 15 dollars for the varieties growing here (and we have seeds left over for probably the next two years as well).  I like the fact that they have signed the safe seed pledge and all of their seeds are 100% non-gmo and non-hybrid.  Now we just need the weather to warm up so we can bring our little garden outdoors!

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