Watering Plants With Ollas

Using ollas looks like a promising idea for saving water in the garden. I also like the idea that these would allow you to water less frequently (saving time) and weeding much less (also saving time). At this point in life, anything that saves time and money is a definite plus in my book!

I would use a real olla though, since I don’t like the idea of the silicone in my soil. Either that, or I will need to come up with a more natural alternative to it.

Bell Pepper Seedlings

Bell Pepper SeedlingsI planted a bunch of bell pepper seedlings we had saved from a few peppers last year.  I wasn’t expecting to see quite this level of germination!  Next time I do this I will need to spread them out better.

It appears that we will be eating a ton of peppers this summer!  I just hope that the garden tower I ordered gets here soon so we can start moving all of our seedlings to a more spacious home.  Great to see that these germinate so well though.  As a beginner gardener I still have much to learn, but being able to grow your own food is very empowering.

Now I just need to figure out how to separate these little guys without harming them.  Hmmmm.

Growing Sweet Potato Vines From Scraps

Growing Sweet Potatoes From ScrapsSince I want to try growing sweet potatoes in our hanging baskets this summer, I needed to start a few vines. I had a few potatoes that needed some bad spots removed before cooking, so I saved the ends from those for this experiment. They are in a dish with a small amount of water on a table in our sunroom. I can see tiny purple sprouts starting already on two of the ends! I will update again once they have more growth to show.

Growing Green Onions From Scraps

Since I already had success growing a pineapple plant from the scraps, it didn’t take an abnormally large leap of faith to think this might work with other leftovers.  I first decided to try this on the ends of some organic green onions.  These are by far one of my favorites, but so expensive!  Not any more… they started to grow within a day once I put them in water!  After a week or so they had large enough roots to transfer to a pot.  They are now growing steadily and we can give a haircut to the plant as needed for an endless (and free) supply of fresh green onions throughout the year.