Stock Update

All Natural SoapFirst glimpse at our new line of natural soap and bath products is all packaged and ready for sale. We will be updating the website soon!




Soaping Update January 2014

Regular vs organic olive oil in soapWe created our first few batches of Castile soap using the new shipment of organic extra virgin olive oil we just received! The differences between the non-organic evoo (shown in the photo – the loaf on the left) we had been using and this new organic ingredient (the loaf on the right) are amazing, just look at the color difference! The organic evoo is a much richer and darker green. It also took at least three times longer to reach trace (this part was a bit disconcerting at first, but we reached trace eventually).  In the end though, we are extremely pleased with the outcome and the new soap should be a much richer experience for the skin once it has cured.

In the next few weeks, you will see a huge shift on our website as we move inventory around to showcase our new product lines. Stay tuned!

Early Fall 2012 Soap Schedule

A quick update about when our most recent soap batches will be cured and ready to ship:

Unscented Soap Bars
Castile Soap: 10/5/12
Coconut Soap: 10/5/12
Plain Soap: 10/2/12
Pumpkin Soap: 10/2/12
Chamomile Soap: 10/2/12
Poppy Soap: 10/2/12
Rosemary Soap: 10/4/12
Oatmeal Soap: 10/2/12
Coffee Soap: 10/4/12
Green Tea Soap: 10/4/12
Sea Salt Soap: 10/5/12

Scented Soap Bars
Cupcake: 10/5/12
Love Potion: 10/4/12
Magick: 10/5/12

Seasonal Scented Soap Bars
Harvest Soap: 10/2/12
Yule Soap: 10/4/12