Tightening body sprayIngredients:
2 tbsp. Vitamin C powder
2 tbsp. Everclear
6 drops Lemon Essential Oil
6 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
6 drops Cypress Essential Oil
6 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
Water (as needed to fill bottle)

Vitamin C is well known for its skin tightening abilities. Since I intend to lose some weight this year, I made this spray to help the skin on my stomach stay tight as the weight comes off.

Mix together the vitamin C powder and Everclear with a small amount of water. Allow the Vitamin C to completely dissolve before adding any of the other ingredients. Add six drops each of the lemon (contains d-Limonene which helps your body convert its fat to energy), grapefruit (also contains d-Limonene), cypress (improves circulation, helps with cellulite) and rosemary (improves circulation, helps with cellulite) essential oils to your vitamin C base. Pour into a spray bottle (maybe 8 oz size) and fill to the top with water. Shake to mix before each use. Spray onto body areas of concern after showering.

Warning: Do not use this spray if you are pregnant. Do not use on skin that may be exposed to sunlight as the Vitamin C and some of the essential oils may make you photosensitive after use. Do not use on broken skin. Make sure you test on a small area of skin prior to use to make sure you don’t react badly to any of the ingredients. Do not use on skin being treated with Retinol or any other treatments. People with darker skin should be careful of any bleaching effects this mixture might have. Also be careful not to get this on any darker colored fabrics as the Vitamin C can bleach them.

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