Chicago-born contemporary artist Liskabora began her career as an architect and interior designer with a specialization in virtual reality and photo-realistic visualization.  She credits Frank Lloyd Wright as her greatest artistic influence, stating that she loved the purity of his forms, his respect for the natural world, and the way in which he was able to carry his designs across many different mediums successfully. She also credits Ansel Adams, László Moholy-Nagy, and Khalil Gibran as other important artistic influences. Working in the mediums of digital mixed media art and photography, she seeks to capture the transient beauty inherent in both the natural and built worlds. “From the ephemeral beauty of nature to the beauty in the exquisite imperfections of aging urban structures,” she has said. “Part of that beauty is created by the marks left on a place by the passage of time, the evidence of what once was and the knowledge of new things to come.”


I am happy to provide an estimate for custom art pieces created to meet your exacting requirements. Please contact me with information about your project including the image subject, size, color palette, print material, and deadline.


Any of my existing pieces can be customized to coordinate with your room’s color palette. Please contact me with an image markup showing locations to be changed and the desired hex colors, print size, print material, and deadline.

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