At Liskabora, we are passionate about creating products that are as natural and old fashioned as possible. Every batch of soap is made by hand, from scratch with no preservatives, fillers, artificial colors or artificial fragrances of any kind.

We started down this path as a means to remove as many unnatural chemicals as possible from our own lives. Our dedication to this path was cemented when we discovered that gluten makes members of our family extremely ill in even the smallest amounts. It was frustrating trying to find products we could use that didn’t have a long list of unpronouncable chemical ingredients in them, or that even had a list of ingredients at all. It is amazing what an eye opening experience reading an ingredients label can sometimes be, especially on products that are supposedly natural. We set out to find ways to make things ourselves, from scratch, so we could have control over what went into them and how they were made. The beauty of our handmade products is that we know exactly what is in them and can feel great about using them on ourselves and our family.

Our Ingredients:
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Distilled Water
Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
Organic Rose Petals
Organic Chamomile Flowers
Organic Lavender Flowers
Wildcrafted Witch Hazel
Organic Spirulina
Organic Green Tea
Organic Coffee (freshly ground from whole beans)
Dead Sea Salt
Epsom Salt
Pink Himalayan Salt
Organic Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil
Organic Vetiver Essential Oil
Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil
Organic Frankincense Essential Oil
Organic Corn Alcohol Denatured with Organic Lavender
Our perfumes are sealed with beeswax, but optional vegan packaging is available

While we do our best to avoid cross contamination of ingredients between batches, we cannot guarantee that all potential allergens have been removed from our equipment. Please take this into consideration if you or your loved ones have allergies to any of the above ingredients.

What you will not find in any of our products: preservatives, artificial colors or artificial fragrances of any kind, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, fillers, or animal products. We do not use any ingredients containing gluten.

From our family to yours, Liskabora

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