Happy Mardi Gras 2019!

New Orleans is one of our favorite places. It is such a beautiful city, rich in culture and wonderful people! There is history around every corner. Of course it goes without saying that I love the architecture…

New Orleans in Red at Night
New Orleans in Red
New Orleans at Night
New Orleans at Night

Lavender Garden Inspiration

Although it still feels like winter, March is finally here. With it comes the relief of longer and warmer days and the transition from winter’s stillness to excitement of the spring and summer seasons. We have so many outdoor projects to do once the weather breaks, starting in our new kitchen garden. Lavender will play a huge part in the design of this new outdoor playground. I can’t wait to get started, but tonight we have more snow. For now, please enjoy our lavender inspiration board and hope for warm weather soon!

Chicago Architecture Collection

Last week I finally started uploading artwork to Etsy and I plan to add a few additional pieces this weekend. The first two are a Chicago architectural set of the Marina Towers and Aqua buildings. Between sanding walls and juggling deadlines, it has been slower going than I originally planned, but I will get the shop filled soon!

Chicago Marina Towers Architectural Art
Chicago’s Marina Towers
Chicago Aqua Building Architectural Photography
Chicago’s Aqua Building

Big Sur Ocean Photography Set

Today I am introducing the first photography pair in my seaside photography collection. This set can be placed side by side in diptych fashion with a different look depending on which image is placed to the right or left. More to come!

Seaside Big Sur Ocean Photography
Seaside Big Sur Ocean Photography Set – Image One
Seaside Big Sur Ocean Photography
Seaside Big Sur Ocean Photography Set – Image Two

Purple Artwork Collection

To honor the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration this year I am introducing a collection of artwork in purple tones. Enjoy!

Purple Horse - New Orleans Art
Purple Horse – New Orleans Art
Chicago in Purple - Architectural Art
Chicago in Purple – Architectural Art

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

Ten years ago today, on my first Valentine’s Day as a newly divorced single woman, I started the business that would later become Liskabora. Back then it was named Virtuality, which one of my cousins told me sounded like the name of a bad 80’s song about five seconds after I submitted the business papers to the State of Illinois. He was right.

I have learned so much since starting on this journey. There have been so many twists and turns; so many failures and so many achievements; so many things I wished I could achieve that I am now grateful have never come to pass; and so many things that I didn’t even know I could have wished for that I am grateful have come true.

Ten years ago today. I wonder where we will be ten years from today. There are so many possibilities.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and cheers to the first day of a new decade in a new state!

Late Winter Plans

As the latter part of our crazy home renovation journey unfolds, I am starting to do the design for my dream closet and our kitchen garden. With the “stressful” part of the renovation now over we can begin to share some of the before and afters and bring you along for the rest of the journey through the more fun projects we have planned. Stay tuned for new design posts coming in 2019 as these projects begin!

For now, enjoy my mood board for the garden projects that we are going to start once the weather breaks.

Coastal Sunset Collection

February is off to a great start! We finally have everything finalized in our new state and are ready to start uploading products to our website again! To celebrate I am sharing a few of my very first images, finally processed and ready to be included in a new art collection. From old beginnings to new ones, this year has been very exciting so far!

Red Sky Venice Beach
Venice Beach Sunset
Red Sky and Boat at Venice Beach Sunset
Boat at Venice Beach Sunset

Urban Architectural Art Set – Alleyways and Railroads

I am introducing a set of architectural grunge art depicting the beauty often present in the lesser seen sides of the urban world. This first pair features a railroad in New Orleans and a quaint alleyway in Savannah. There will be more to come soon! Once I have all the formalities taken care of I will begin posting these for sale on Etsy. This pair is naturally prominent in beige and warm brick tones, but can be customized to match your palette upon request.

New Orleans Railroad - Urban Art - Grunge
New Orleans Railroad
Urban Art - Gritty Grunge
Savannah Alley
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