This fall we decided to bring in our plants instead of letting them go with the first frost. Usually for us, the tomatoes in the garden are still productive at the end of the season and it is a shame to see them die before they are done. We planted everything this year in containers so it wasn’t difficult to bring them in, and the experiment so far has been going well.  We are lucky to have a sunroom to use as our makeshift greenhouse, but I am sure that any sunny window would do.  Someday it would be nice to have a real greenhouse, but I will save that discussion for a later date.

The sucesses: the majority of our plants are doing very well, the rose and jalepenos even started to bloom again! It is nice to know that we will have fresh herbs and a few veggies to enjoy throughout the winter.  The ginger is doing great, and I am hoping for the strawberries to bloom sometime soon too.

The failures: we lost the cherry tomato plant after it was finished producing fruit, and one of the larger tomato plants is looking like it might soon join its friend. The chamomile and cilantro are gone also, along with some turnips that we planted. I think for the plants other than the tomatoes this might have occured from placing their pots in too shady of a location for their needs. Live and learn.

Now I just need to decide what to plant in the new vacancies. Maybe some blueberry seeds for the shady locations!

Strawberries                                                             Sage

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