Countertop Reverse Osmosis Filter

Countertop reverse osmosis filter

Since we plan to be moving in the (hopefully) near future, we didn’t want to invest too much in a reverse osmosis filter for this house. That is something we will definitely do in our new home, but for now we found a portable countertop reverse osmosis filter that we can use both in this home and wherever we are living while the new house is being built. This particular filter removes chlorine and fluoride from the water along with a variety of other nasties our city water may contain. We have it installed at our laundry sink for now and plan to keep the purified water in glass pitchers. We are very happy with this purchase so far!


[EDITED 12/28/2014:¬† After a few weeks the water from this filter¬†developed a fishy smell.¬† We DO NOT RECOMMEND this filter… great idea, but it just doesn’t work.]

Remington I-Light Pro Review

I know, I know. The idea of a laser parts ways from my typically all natural stance. The truth is though, that I absolutely hate shaving. My legs get irritated by it and if I shave just slightly the wrong way I end up with in-grown hairs. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Electrolysis was something I considered for years before finally taking the plunge and before I made this purchase I did a ton of research on which laser to use. I have very light (almost transparent) skin, and very dark hair… in other words I am the perfect candidate for this particular laser. I still I questioned if it would work, but it seemed like a good bet. The idea that this was something I could do at home was a plus as well, since electrolysis at a medical spa can be extremely expensive. Not to mention, awkward.

Fast forward a few months and the investment was well worth it! Since I am quite an impatient person and I don’t go carefully over every inch of skin during each application there are still some patches where the hair grows in, but overall there is a great deal less of it. If anything can prove the effectiveness of this product, the bald patches from where I actually applied the laser certainly do. I figure that over the next year or so I will eventually cover everything.

For those wondering, the laser hurts much less than waxing or epilating. The first application did sting slightly, particularly on the armpits. Similar to a rubber band hitting the skin. It was no where near as bad as waxing though. The third time through, I hardly feel a thing.

If you do decide to go the same route I did, don’t forget that hair grows in cycles. This means that even once you have stopped the hair growing in one cycle you will need to wait and repeat the same area again to remove hair from other cycles. This is the same whether you have this done at a spa or do it yourself.

Tip 1: Don’t shave after using the laser. Wait a few days and let the hair fall out on its own. It will get itchy, and exfoliation will help things along. Tip 2: Buy a few extra light cartridges because it is a bummer to have to stop halfway through when you run out.

Cheers to a much less hairy summer ahead!

Review – The Kind Diet Cookbook

Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet is one of my absolute favorites. A few years back when I discovered I couldn’t eat gluten and wasn’t feeling well some very good friends bought this for me to help me get healthy again. I was already a vegetarian, so having to cut gluten out of my diet had me (and everyone else) wondering what there was left for me to eat. This book helped me to look at eating in an entirely new way. Most importantly I could see that food didn’t have to be just potentially hazardous, it could be potentially healing as well.

It has taken some time for me to learn the in’s and out’s of which foods can harm and which foods can heal, but this book was the beginning. Alicia goes through the superfoods one by one and discusses their benefits and how to avoid any of their potential drawbacks. She also covers vegan sources for nutrients that would be otherwise missing from a vegetarian or vegan diet. While it isn’t a gluten free book, it is a great book for those who want to eat a clean, healthy and vegan or vegetarian diet. For those of us with adequate gluten free knowledge, any of her gluten containing recipes can be easily converted. This book comes highly recommended in my opinion!