Hard CiderWhat you will need:
1 gallon apple cider
brewers yeast (if needed)
Glass gallon carboy

For after fermentation: Siphon or funnel and filter Corked glass bottles



This is part two of the departure from my clean paleo diet, as this was also started in October of last year. Be sure to sterilize all of your tools, and glassware first. Pour one gallon of apple cider into a glass gallon carboy. You can choose to either add yeast now, or wait to see if the cider ferments on its own without it. If it doesn’t start to ferment within a day or two, you can add in a pinch of yeast to get things going. Cork the carboy with your airlock. Twice a day for at least the first few weeks, mix the ingredients well. You should see the fermentation working, creating bubbles on the top of the liquid. The hard cider was left on the counter along side the mead for a few months before I transferred the mixture into bottles. The bottles will likely need to settle and be filtered once more, but the cider is very tasty!

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