How To Make MeadWhat you will need:
3 parts water
1 part honey
brewers yeast (I only used a pinch)
Glass gallon carboy

For after fermentation:
Siphon or funnel and filter
Corked glass bottles


I know this is a slight departure from my clean paleo diet, but I started this experiment in October of last year. In all honesty, I didn’t even expect it to work… but it actually did! Be sure to sterilize all of your tools, and glassware first. Add 3 parts water to 1 part honey into a glass gallon carboy and mix until the honey is completely dissolved. Add in your yeast and cork the carboy with your airlock. In the beginning I tried to ferment the honey without yeast, but it didn’t happen. When fermentation didn’t start after the first few days, I added a pinch of yeast into the mix to get it going. Twice a day for at least the first few weeks, mix the ingredients well. You should see the fermentation working, creating bubbles on the top of the liquid. I left this sitting on the counter for a few months and finally got around to bottling it today. The bottles will likely need to settle and be filtered once more, but the mead is quite good! I like the fact that I know the exact ingredients used in this fun drink and it was much, much less expensive to make than if it were bought premade. One gallon carboy yielded approximately 5 bottles of mead.

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