Abstract Fish Bone Collection

I have finally began working on some product collections and will have more to share shortly. The first collection is based on the abstract fish bone artwork set that I created for a slightly ridiculous reason a few weeks ago. I will begin populating our website pages with these links soon, but for now you can reach them through the links below. Enjoy!

Yellow Alleys Collection

Chicago's Monadnock Building Alleyway in Yellow - Pop Art
Chicago’s Monadnock Alley In Yellow
Chicago Loop Alleyway Fire Escapes In Yellow
Chicago Loop Alley Fire Escapes In Yellow

I have been working hard creating new artwork this past week. Here is a new collection of alleyway scenes in bright yellow, orange and black tones. Available now on Etsy! I will be adding to this collection over time, but have started with two of my favorite things, the Monadnock building in Chicago and grungy fire escapes.

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