Ten years ago today, on my first Valentine’s Day as a newly divorced single woman, I started the business that would later become Liskabora. Back then it was named Virtuality, which one of my cousins told me sounded like the name of a bad 80’s song about five seconds after I submitted the business papers to the State of Illinois. He was right.

I have learned so much since starting on this journey. There have been so many twists and turns; so many failures and so many achievements; so many things I wished I could achieve that I am now grateful have never come to pass; and so many things that I didn’t even know I could have wished for that I am grateful have come true.

Ten years ago today. I wonder where we will be ten years from today. There are so many possibilities.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and cheers to the first day of a new decade in a new state!

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